This is BITT Team Member Steve Speigl's self filmed hunt from November 2013 which took place in Antrim County, Michigan.

Deer Hunting and Fishing Videos

BITT (Buck In The Truck) Outdoors is a Team of hunters, and friends, that are committed to bringing their passion of the outdoors to video. Established in 2011, Team BITT members have been recording their outdoor quests.

All Team members hunt fair chase private and public lands in Michigan ranging from the Northern Lower Peninsula, to South and South Western Michigan. Team BITT believes in proper management of their properties; selectively harvesting whitetail bucks and adhering to reduction of doe population to balance the herd in their areas. Some team members travel out of state in attempts to connect on a true giant.

For the members of Team BITT, creating a platform from which they can share their hunts and experiences with others is the ultimate goal. Team members hunt real-to-life small tracts of land and are willing to pass small deer to improve the overall quality of deer in their area, and realistic hunting in Michigan (for the time being) dictates that a 3.5 year old buck is a mature deer.

Team BITT also enjoys other outdoor opportunities such as upland game and waterfowl hunting, predator management, fishing on open water and ice and will include cameos and segments on upcoming DVD's.

To see some of their recent activity, check out the BITT YouTube channel, find them on VIMEO and follow them on Facebook. Stay tuned for our upcoming DVD releases.






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